Why Is Google My Business Important For SEO

It’s SEO question time! Why is Google My Business important for SEO? In other words, how can Google My Business page, now called Google Business Profile, help companies achieve their online marketing goal? 

If you have a local business, ensure you’re on the Google Business listing and starting posting. Google My Business posts signal Google that you’re open and ready for business. Additionally, optimizing your Google My Business profile is an effective local SEO strategy.

When you optimize your Google My Business profile, you’ll make it easier for local consumers searching for similar products or services you’re offering to find you online. 

Google business profile offers other benefits to businesses that I would like to share here. So, please keep reading to know more about how Google My Business can positively impact your business and SEO strategies. 

What Is Google My Business Profile?

Before we delve into the importance of Google My Business page for search engine optimization, let’s define what Google My Business listing is. 

Google My Business profile is a free profile or listing of local companies created on Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Of course, every online user knows how big Google is. 

As of February 2024, Google’s marketing share was 91.61%. It’s the biggest search engine in the world, and living up to the hype. 

Google Business Profile is free. Unlike most online directories, Google doesn’t charge companies that create profiles on the platform. 

You can create and control your profile. However, adhere to Google’s guidelines when optimizing your Google Business Profile. For instance, Google is against incorporating a keyword in the business name field.

Write your business name in full. Avoid adding a keyword in the field for the business name. 

A Handy Tip: Optimizing your Google My Business listing is important to rank high for the target keyword in local search. So, if you don’t know how to optimize your Google Business Profile, hire an expert to help you. 

BitChip Digital is a digital marketing company offering expert SEO help. There are experts ready to help you create a professional and well-optimized Google My Business listing to make you visible online to your local customers (people in your geographical area). 

You can add captivating photos of different sections of your physical store, business, products, or employees delivering services to clients on your Google Business Profile. Upload high-quality images to reveal the actual identity of your products to potential customers.

You can add valuable information about your company on your Google My Business listing besides the business description. Include your name, phone number, physical address, and other relevant details in your GMB profile to help potential customers locate and contact you. 

Why Is Google My Business Important For SEO?

Google My Business is a free online directory that can greatly impact your SEO. Here, we will explain how it can help you achieve your online marketing goal. 

1: Improve online visibility and ranking.

General Electric’s study confirms that 81% of consumers research online before visiting a physical store or making a purchase. This shows how important it is for businesses to improve online visibility. 

How does Google My Business help to improve your online visibility and search ranking?

The essence of SEO is to place your business in front of potential customers online. Tons of people are searching for products or services that you offer. So, implement an effective SEO strategy to outrank your competitors on the search engine result page and attract more local consumers. 

Having a Google My Business listing improves your chances of being found by potential customers. How? 

When consumers search for a similar product or service you’re offering using your target keyword, they stumble on three types of search results. These include “Google Ads,” and the second is the Google 3-Pack and organic results

A Handy Tip: The Google 3-Pack refers to how Google displays the top or most relevant results for local business searches. It refers to how Google displays the top three local businesses it deems relevant to users’ search queries and close in proximity to the user.

In the Google 3-Pack, Google will display the Google My Business profile and map of the three businesses it considers relevant to the users’ search query and geographical location. 

You can see why having a Google My Business profile is important for local SEO. It improves your visibility. In other words, it will boost your chances of appearing in potential customers’ local search results. 

When potential customers search on Google for a related product you’re offering using your target keyword, they’ll either stumble on your website on the organic search result or find your Google Business Profile. So, having a Google My Business listing improves your chance of being found online.

2: Improve your local presence online:

Do you want potential customers in your location to find you when they search for a similar product or service you’re offering? If so, you need to create and optimize your Google Business account. 

When people search for your products or services online using related keywords, Google will display results that match their search terms. Google’s search engine also considers other factors before displaying search results. These include the proximity, relevance, and search terms the user uses.  

When prospects find your GMB page, they can search for your contact details and contact you directly. Google Maps displays your location and address on your GMB profile, which will help prospects visit your office. So, having a Google business account increases your local search visibility.

3: Google My Business allows customers to rate your business and give online reviews:

Reviews can impact everything about a business, from SEO to sales. Research by Moz shows that reviews contribute around 10% of how search engines determine and rank search results. 

Reviews help you build social proof, a psychological phenomenon that indicates that people do things or take action because they see others doing the same thing. For instance, a potential customer will have more confidence in buying your products after reading great reviews from others about the product. 

So, if you want to improve your business’s visibility online, create and optimize a GMB profile for your business. Furthermore, encourage your customers to leave reviews for you. But ensure you’re delivering a good quality product or service. 

Great reviews will positively influence prospects that stumble on your GMB profile. However, negative ones could have a negative impact. I used the word “could” because some potential customers may consider your response to the unsatisfied customers to draw their conclusions. 

Negative reviews won’t change most prospects’ views about your business. But the response you give to customers that leave such a review matters. Some prospects may still want to do business with you if your response is professional and polite.

But if your responses to negative reviews aren’t professional or you ignore the customers’ complaint, prospects will run away from you. 

Always deliver quality products and services. That way, you won’t have to beg for reviews. Satisfied customers will give you positive reviews that will greatly impact your business. 

Can Google My Business reviews improve your local SEO? Yes, it can. Research has shown 93% of customers read online reviews about local businesses before contacting them. 

People trust reviews, whether online or offline. They believe the reviews truly reflect the quality of the company’s products or services. They even trust Google Business reviews more, as they believe the reviews are authentic and written by real customers. 

Reviews also improve your conversion rate. It improves prospects’ confidence in your products or services. With confidence high and doubts cleared, people will be more encouraged to splash the cash on your products or services.

4: Establishes your business as an authority in your niche:

Positive reviews can make your business more appealing to prospects. For instance, if you have a 4.8 rating and plenty of great reviews, potential customers will be convinced that you know what you’re doing and will most likely patronize you. 

Reviews are powerful. They can make or break a brand. They can help establish your business as an authority, making you the go-to brand for local consumers. 

A Handy Tip: Getting more reviews shows you have many satisfied clients. In other words, you have a large client base and keep delivering results or making your customers happy. 

Prospects love seeing brands with tons of positive reviews. So, the more great reviews you have, the more impact your reviews will have on prospects. 

I also mentioned the importance of providing professional responses to negative reviews or complaints. Whenever a customer complains, give a response that shows you care and you are willing to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

This explains the importance of monitoring your GMB profile just as you monitor your SEO strategies. You can respond to reviews on time when you monitor your online listing. 

Furthermore, you should also respond to positive reviews. Let your customers know you appreciate their patronage and will continue to deliver quality products or services. 

For negative reviews, a response showing that you’re ready to address the customer’s problem immediately matters greatly. 

 5: Improves your business’ reputation:

Having a business profile isn’t all that matters. Is the GMB profile complete? That’s what matters. Another important thing to consider is whether or not the GMB profile is well-optimized. You need a well-optimized GMB profile to improve visibility and attract more potential customers. 

Research by Google indicates that potential customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find the business, Google Business Profile, and Google Maps via a search engine. In the research, Google also mentioned that 70% are likely to visit the business’s physical location while 50% are likely to make a purchase. 

Having a Google Business Profile will improve the reputation of your business online. And when people find your brand reputable, they can confidently inform others about your products or services. 

6: Drive traffic to your website:

The essence of SEO is to improve ranking and traffic and increase conversion rate. You want visitors on your website to convert to paying customers or take action, such as subscribing to your newsletter, etc.

Having a GMB profile can help drive traffic to your website. People can access your contact details and link to your website when they find your Google Business profile online. 

Traffic from your Google My Business profile will have a high conversion rate. The prospects have seen your contact details and physical address and have identified your location on Google Maps, so they know you’re credible. This type of traffic has a high conversion rate, as prospects easily convert to paying customers. Why? The trust has already been built. The next step is for the prospect to visit your physical location and make a purchase. 

7: Google My Business is free:

Google Business Profil’s impact on SEO is so massive that most businesses don’t mind paying to create a GMB profile. Fortunately, Google My Business is free. Any business can create a GMB profile, regardless of size or niche. 

You can create and optimize your GMB profile for free. The profile is also free to run. In other words, you won’t pay a dime to operate your GMB profile. Just make sure you optimize it properly and add high-quality pictures. Your information should be accurate and consistent with your business information on other platforms. 

How To Create Your Google My Business Profile

You can get an expert to create your GMB profile. With an expert’s help, you can create and optimize a professional GMB profile. An expert will ensure your GMB profile has all it requires to have a massive impact on your SEO and business. 

On the other hand, if you have free time and want to create your GMB profile, follow the tips below. 

Step 1:  Visit Google My Business’s official website:

The first step is to visit Google My Business. Visit the official website to create an account.

On the GMB page, you’ll be asked to find and manage your business. Enter your business in the “Type your business name” on the search box and click on the search icon. 

If your business already has a GMB profile, it will appear in the search results. If it doesn’t, then you have to create a new one. 

You must manually add your business there if you can’t find your business on GMB search. Add your business to Google by clicking the write-up “Add Your Business to Google.”

A Handy Tip: You can claim your business by going to Google Maps and typing your business name. Then click on “Claim This Business.” 

Step 2: Write your business name and choose a business category:

There are two tasks you’re going to perform here. The first is to choose a business name, while the second is to choose a business category. 

Ensure your business name is accurate. It should match your name on your signage, business card, social media handles, and other platforms. 

As for categories, Google offers over 4000 categories. Thus, finding a category for your business shouldn’t be an issue. 

Choosing a category is important for your Google Business SEO. It will enable Google to show your business in relevant search queries. 

A Handy Tip: When creating a GMB profile, provide any information that you think is relevant. Know that the more information you provide, the higher your chances of appearing in prospects’ search results. 

Another thing you must understand is that Google doesn’t permit incorporating a keyword in the Google Business name section. If you do, it violates the search engine giant’s rules, and you could get punished. 

When creating your Google Business profile, avoid adding a keyword to your business name. Write your business name as it is on your signage and other platforms. You can optimize your GMB profile in other sections. 

Finally, endeavor to choose the right category for your business. Remember, Google considers every detail you provide when ranking your GMB profile.  

Step 3: Add a location potential customers can visit:

Do you operate online only? If yes, then you don’t need to add a location. But then, even businesses operated online have locations, right? So, include your location. By the way, understand that adding a location will improve potential customers’ confidence in your business. 

Adding a location shows you’re credible and have a location prospects can visit if the need arises. That alone can calm the nerves of potential customers thinking of doing business with you. 

A Handy Tip: Whether you have a physical office/store or operate online only, add a location. Your location will pop up on Google Maps when potential customers are searching for your business, which can positively impact your reputation. 

Step 4: Provide your business address:

The next important step is to provide your physical address, the one that potential customers can visit to buy your product or order your service. 

Your address should be accurate to make it easier for potential customers to find you. Also, remember to edit your business address if you move to a new area. 

The business address you have on your GMB profile should match the address you have on your business cards and other online platforms. 

Step 5: Choose your method of delivery:

Do you provide delivery or home and office visits? If you do, choose “Yes.” But if you don’t, choose “No.”  

If you provide home or office delivery, Google wants to know where you’re willing to go. You must let potential customers know how far you can reach so they won’t be disappointed. 

If you answer yes, you need to indicate the areas you can serve.

Step 6: Provide your contact details:

You have reached where you have to add your phone number and website. The website is optional so that you can skip it. But I suggest you don’t. 

Add your website link to drive traffic. Most prospects want to visit your website to check out your products, services, content, and team. They may want to know the people running the business. 

So, write your phone number and website. You can also skip this section if you have any concerns. 

Step 7: Subscribe to GMB updates:

 Though it’s your choice, this update will be crucial for your GMB account. You can either accept regular updates on improving your GMB profile from time to time. Or, you can decide not to agree to the updates.

Choose “Yes” if you want the updates or “No” if you don’t. 

Step 8: Verify your Google Business Profile:

The next step is to verify your business. Google wants to be sure that you own the business and that you’re genuinely running the business for which you created a GMB profile. 

The verification is quite straightforward. Google wants you to show your business location, equipment, and management. The video will help Google verify your business’s authenticity, but it’s unavailable to the public.

Click the “Verify Later” write-up to skip the verification process. But note that this verification is important. 

After verification, you can customize your Google Business profile and provide a detailed business description. 


So, why is Google Business profile important for SEO? It can help to improve your visibility, local presence, and online reputation. 

Customers can leave reviews and ratings for your business on your Google Business Profile. And reviews help to build social proof. Potential customers who stumble on your positive reviews will be more confident and patronize you. 

Google My Business will increase your chances of appearing in search results. This will enable prospects to find and patronize you. So, it’s important to have a GMB profile. Create a professional-looking and well-optimized profile to improve your chance of ranking and recording more sales. 

Md Julhas Alam

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Impressively, BitChip Digital Started its physical company in 2020, hiring and developing digital marketing experts, capable of delivering the best digital marketing services.

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