EPC is a term affiliate marketers need to know. Its full meaning is “Earning per click.” 

EPC is one of the vital tools that serious affiliate marketers use now and then. They can use it to determine how profitable their marketing campaigns are and make necessary adjustments 

In other words, you can tell if your traffic is converting and even track the performance of affiliate links. 

We’ll discuss the meaning, importance including how to calculate EPC here. so continue reading.

What Is EPC (Earning Per Click)?

The “EPC” is an affiliate marketing metric. It shows affiliate marketers’ average amount earned per click. 

In other words, if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, EPC shows you how much the company would pay you. So, it is an essential tool. 

EPC is a vital tool for affiliate marketing. It gives you a better chance to create a profitable marketing campaign. 

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer, learn how to utilize this tool. 

But unfortunately, many affiliate marketers don’t know what EPC is, including its value and calculating EPC. They are only familiar with the term “cost per click.”

What most affiliate marketers do is search for products that have lower or the lowest CPC. Then they run expensive ads (Pay-per-click) to promote them and hope they generate enough revenue to cover the advertising cost. 

Some don’t even generate enough revenue to cover what they have spent on advertising, let alone make a profit. 

But the truth is, once you know how to calculate EPC accurately, CPC becomes irrelevant to you. You’ll be able to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Calculating EPC will enable you to target other affiliate marketing products with far higher CPC instead of settling for lower ones. 

So, knowing the meaning of EPC and how to calculate it is crucial. 

How Do You Calculate EPC (Earnings Per Click)?

Here is how to calculate your EPC. 

  1. Consider all the money you earned from marketing a specific affiliate product for a particular period. 
  2. The next step is to divide the amount you earned for that product by the number of clicks you received. In other words, you have to consider your clicks on the product for the given period. 

Here is a good example to help you understand how to calculate EPC accurately. 

Let’s say you made $2000 for a specific affiliate product on a particular month. 

On the other hand, the product link recorded 2000 clicks during the same period. 

Now, this is how you calculate Earnings Per Click (EPC). The formula would be Total commission earned/Total clicks on the link. 

So, EPC = $2000/2000

The answer is $1. That’s your EPC. 

How Does EPC Impact Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns?

Every affiliate marketer wants to make more money. The same goes for the company whose affiliate products you’re promoting. 

Well, you can make your affiliate marketing campaign successful by using paid advertising. It is called PPC. Use it to drive traffic to the affiliate product’s sales page. 

Now, pay attention to this. It is not enough to run ads on your product sales page. You have to understand if doing so would be worthwhile. 

So, don’t neglect these two metrics if you want your affiliate marketing campaign to be a success. 

  • EPC – We have already mentioned this before. EPC is a crucial metric that lets you know how much you can earn per click. 
  • CPC – This is a paid advertising metric. It helps you understand how much a click on your advert will cost. 

Now, this is what affiliate marketers must understand. The formula for a successful marketing campaign is EPC > CPC. If you can pull this off, your affiliate marketing campaign will be a success. Success means you’ll generate more profit. 

How You Can Boost Your EPC And Generate More Revenue 

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you have to make it a duty to improve your EPC. Affiliate marketers spend a lot of money to promote products. So, it is only wise that you make an effort to boost your EPC and make a good profit for the effort you’re putting into promoting the product.

So, how can you improve your EPC? Follow the tips below. 

1: Settle for fast hosting:

Does your website take time to load on desktop and mobile devices? If yes, then you have to improve it. Note that visitors need to spend more time on your website to click your affiliate links, ads or even in-content links. 

According to reports, the average loading time of websites on a desktop is 10.3 seconds. On mobile devices, it is 27.3 seconds. A one second-delay may push visitors away, thus reducing page views, conversation rate and even customer satisfaction. 

So, make your website highly responsive. The loading speed should be top-notch. For this to happen, you have to choose a reliable hosting service. 

You can generate higher EPC by getting more clicks and sales. So change your hosting service provider if you must. 

2: Embed Affiliate Links In Blog Posts

You can boost your EPC by placing affiliate links in your content. But make sure your articles are top-notch. 

In other words, you have to provide value. When visitors read your content and find you trustworthy, they’ll have the confidence to click on your affiliate link and even make a purchase. 

However, it is not enough to produce information-packed content. Follow best SEO practices to ensure your articles are well-optimized. 

With this, you can get organic traffic. In addition, search engines may decide to rank your website higher. 

Here are the articles you can embed affiliate links in to boost your EPC. 

  • Product reviews
  • Product lists
  • Comparison articles
  • Resource page

3: Utilize affiliate email marketing strategy:

If you have built a robust email list, note that you have made a great move. You can improve your EPC via email marketing sequences. 

However, note that two things can happen when using an email marketing strategy. There’s a possibility that you might reap the benefits, which include high EPC or getting banned. 

Yes, your email service provider may flag your emails as spam. They can send your emails to your targets’ spam folder, and you know what that means. 

But then, that shouldn’t prevent you from forging ahead with your email marketing sequences. Remember to provide value in your content so that your affiliate link won’t trigger a ban. 

4: Pick the highest bidder:

Choosing a product or service to promote is a crucial decision all affiliate marketers must make. The goal is to make money and build a solid reputation. 

So, go for products that pay more or have higher EPC. This way, you can earn more money. Competition plays a role in deciding the EPC of products. And the higher the competition, the higher the earnings per click. 

5: Improve the quality of traffic:

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the input determines the output. If you want high EPC, you have to target high-quality traffic

There are lower-tier and tier-1 countries. The tier-1 countries refer to places like the USA, Canada, UK, etc. These countries can guarantee you a high EPC. 

Are EPC and PPC The Same Thing?

Well, EPC and PPC are different metrics. Affiliate marketers are expected to know and use them from time to time. 

So, what do both terms mean? PPC means pay per click. It is an advertising model whereby affiliate marketers pay publishers whenever someone clicks on their ads. 

On the other hand, EPC talks about the total commission an affiliate marketer generated within a given period and the number of clicks recorded during the same period.


So, what is EPC in affiliate marketing? It refers to the amount earned from an affiliate product over a period. The full meaning of EPC is earnings per click. 

Affiliate marketers need to know how to calculate EPC accurately. This way, you can strategize and make your marketing campaigns successful. 

The EPC is also a breeze to calculate. The formula is total commission divided by total clicks on the affiliate link. You can improve your EPC too. Read this post to learn how. 

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