Effective SEO For Carpet Cleaning

Have you thought about SEO for your carpet cleaning business? If your answer is no, you have to take action now. 

As a carpet cleaner, you’re probably aware that getting clients is one of the challenges in the business. One may have all the premium carpet cleaning tools and yet struggle get clients.  

The thing is, people are requesting carpet cleaning services now and then. They’re reaching out to carpet cleaners like you, online and offline. Most of them just search on Google and contact the companies on the first page. Unfortunately, your carpet cleaning website is nowhere to be found on Google. 

What steps can you take to rank high on Google and get more potential clients seeking carpet cleaning services? SEO is the answer and BitChip Digital is here to help you. 

Why SEO For Carpet Cleaning Service?

analytic report for carpet cleaning seo

Good question! Did you know 93% of all online experiences begin from search engines? Visitors don’t just land on websites coincidentally. They have to conduct a search using a relevant keyword, and your website will only pop up when you target those keywords and follow SEO best practices. 

At BitChip Digital, our search engine optimization services are tailored to help businesses succeed online. We deploy best SEO practices to help improve website ranking so potential clients needing carpet cleaning services can easily locate you. 

Now, the ball is in your court! But keep in mind that you can expand your carpet cleaning business, reach new markets, and record more sales when you make SEO the center of your digital marketing strategy. 

SEO can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help your carpet cleaning business achieve online success. 

Effective SEO Strategy For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

The following are SEO strategies to give your carpet cleaning business what it deserves: higher ranking on SERPs and more patronage. 

Every business owner likes to see their business grow. They want to rake in more deals and profit. 

If you want your carpet cleaning business to start raking in more deals, here are some effective SEO strategies you can deploy to position your business for online success.

1: Get a website for your business:

Let’s assume your carpet business already has a website. The only challenge you’re having is optimizing it so that Google can index your content faster and you’ll show up on search result page.

If you don’t have a website, get one for your business. You can’t do SEO without a website. 

A Handy Tip:  Your website should be simple and look professional. Let potential customers feel convinced that you offer carpet cleaning services when they land on your website. 

2: Conduct comprehensive keyword research:

carpet cleaning keywords

When a potential client enters the search term “carpet cleaner Ohio” or other related search terms, you expect your website to appear at the top of the search result. But how can you achieve this, given the competition in your business niche? 

The answer is ‘keywords.’ You have to target keywords people use when searching for carpet cleaning services to hire. That’s how you can show up in search results. 

A Handy Tip: Target longtail keywords when conducting keyword research. 

For instance, “carpet cleaning service in Florida.” You can land qualified leads when you target longtail keywords. 

When someone uses the search term “best carpet cleaner in Brooklyn,” you already know they’re hoping to find a carpet cleaner around Brooklyn. 

Longtail keywords contain three or more terms, while short-tail keywords contain only one or two words. 

Longtail keywords help you to attract more qualified leads. And these are individuals most likely to become paying customers.  

Analyze your targeted keywords properly. Learn about the search volume, including whether they can help you get customers. 

You can use Google keyword planner or invest in other premium keyword research tools. The most important thing is finding the right keyword; the second for you to know how to place them strategically. 

Place your keyword in the body of the content, title, headings, and Meta description. 

Keywords are essential, as they help Google bots understand your page’s context correctly and are equally important in ranking a website. 

Google bots have to crawl and index your website to rank it in search engines. So, if you want your carpet cleaning business to rank high on search engines, target the right keywords. 

Here are the top 10 carpet cleaner keywords:

  • Rug cleaner
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Best carpet cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner hire
  • carpet cleaning near me
  • Carpet steam cleaner
  • Carpet cleaning service
  • Carpet stain remover
  • Rug cleaning near me
  • Best carpet cleaner for pets

Note that these carpet cleaning service keywords are in no particular order. You can use them if you wish, but check each keyword’s search volume and lead-generating potential before using them.  

2: Draft informative and valuable content:

As an expert carpet cleaner, you have a lot of valuable information and expert tips to share. How do you share your knowledge with potential customers and visitors? You can put them into writing. 

Content is king, a phrase you probably are already familiar with. Also, bear in mind that content doesn’t have to be text. It can be eBooks, videos, and infographics. Just experiment with diverse formats to see what your audience prefers. 

How can content help your carpet cleaning business to generate more leads? Here is how. 

When you write helpful and valuable content, you’ll build authority in the field. Potential customers that read your content will know you’re an expert in carpet cleaning, and they’ll trust you. 

Another reason to draft quality content is to encourage visitors to interact more with your content. This will send a positive signal to Google, and you know what follows when Google likes your site. 

User experience is Google’s main priority; let no one tell you otherwise. Thus, Google will favor websites with valuable and helpful content when ranking. 

If you want to drive engagement, the simple thing you need to do is provide high-quality content. Refrain from flooding your site with thin content because you want to prove that the site has a lot of content. SEO doesn’t work that way. 

Understand one thing: you don’t have to write lengthy content to create engagement or sweep your audience off their feet. Valuable content doesn’t have to be lengthy alone. 

The most important thing is to make the content rich and valuable. Even if it’s just a thousand words, ensure the content is rich. 

For instance, if you’re writing on a topic such as “how to remove paint stains from carpet,” ensure you provide diverse solutions to the problem. 

Here’s a video on content writing:

Another essential piece of advice on content writing is to focus on quality, not quantity. Ensure your content offers excellent value to readers before you publish them. 

I understand the urge to publish content consistently. If you’re convinced, you can draft quality content and consistently post content, go ahead and do it. But I would prefer doing concrete research and delivering one or two high-quality and valuable content every week than posting tons of low-quality content per week.

If you can sustain a steady flow of high-quality content, please do it. You’ll achieve success online. 

3: Fix your website’s technical SEO:

You can conduct comprehensive keyword research and find the ideal keywords with higher ranking potentials. Or, you can even draft killer content. But if your website isn’t performing optimally, you may struggle to achieve success online. 

It’s not our wish for you to struggle online. At BitChip Digital, we want businesses to achieve success online. That is why we established this business in the first place. 

Technical SEO can take several forms. And it encompasses the things you do on your website (on-page SEO) to optimize it. 

Here is a breakdown of the various technical SEO processes. 

  • Improve page speed:

page speed test

Page speed is the epicenter of your website’s performance. It doesn’t matter the quality of content you have or the keyword targeted. If your page speed is low, it will affect your website. 

People now have a short attention span. 

Potential customers want your website to load instantly. If it doesn’t, they may move over to your competitors.

The crux of the matter is that your visitors want a solution to their problem quickly. So keep an eye on your page speed and ensure it’s running efficiently. 

How do you monitor page speed? Tons of tools you can use are available. You can try Google PageSpeed or any other tool you feel comfortable using. 

The Google PageSpeed tool helps you figure out the aspect of your website that requires attention and the areas that doesn’t (well-optimized). 

  • Use a responsive design:

responsive test

As you create your carpet cleaning business website, know that people will access your site via various devices. It could be a tablet, smartphone, or desktop/laptop. 

Your visitors should have a positive experience on your website regardless of their device. They should be able to read content and click your links. 

A website with a responsive design adapts to any device seamlessly. Online browsing experience differs from one device to another, so ensure your users enjoy great experiences on your site. 

Think of how your site would look if users access the desktop version on a mobile device. If the site doesn’t have a responsive design, it won’t display properly on mobile. 

If your website isn’t responsive, the texts on the page will be squashed together, confusing your users. 

Your visitors may have to zoom in and out to read the texts and click links, a process many may not want to undertake. Thus, businesses may lose sales opportunities if their website’s UX is poor. 

Your potential customers don’t deserve to suffer to navigate or consume your content. You’ll only give them a reason to move over to your competitors. 

Your website should be mobile-friendly. Over 6 billion people in the world are currently using a mobile devices. So, remember that most of your customers will visit your website and order your service via a mobile device. 

A Handy Tip: SEO benefits are another reason to make your website mobile-friendly. We’re in a mobile-first world, so expect Google and other search engines to prioritize mobile-responsive websites.

Google is aware that mobile users are increasing now and then. It also places priority on user experience. So, make your website mobile-friendly if you want to rank high on search engines. 

Your website should also be a breeze to navigate. In other words, users should easily move from one page to another. That’s how it should be. 

 4: Consider link-building:

Have you thought about link-building for your website? If not, you need to start paying attention to it now. 

Backlinks are not obsolete, as most people think. It is still one of Google’s ranking factors. Note that Google treasures quality and niche-relevant backlinks. It sees backlinks acquired from authority sites as votes. 

The primary focus for Google and other search engines is the user. These search engines want users to have access to quality information to make informed decisions. 

What Is Link Building?

Link building involves getting other websites to link to pages on your website. In search engine optimization, it’s called backlinks. 

You can acquire as many backlinks as you want, but ensure they’re high-quality. Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity in link building

In other words, one backlink from a high-authority and niche-specific site will have far more impact than hundreds of links from low and irrelevant sites. 

So, focus on getting links from relevant and authoritative sites. Remember that sites you link to will pass link juice to yours. Thus, every link acquired should count.

Here are backlink strategies you can consider. 

  • Content marketing
  • Broken link building
  • Email outreach
  • Public relations

Link building might look simple on the outside. But it requires a lot of work. Anyone can build backlinks, but not everyone can guarantee quality backlinks. 

So, if you need help getting backlinks to promote your carpet cleaning service, hire a professional link builder to help you out. 

Instead of wasting your time and acquiring poor-quality backlinks at the end of the day, let an expert help you to acquire quality backlinks.

The Dos And Don’ts In Link Building

The essence of link building is to gain online visibility. Link building can make your SEO campaign a huge success. 

But for that to happen, you must make certain decisions. Here are the dos and don’ts of link building.

  • Avoid website that doesn’t get organic traffic.

The site you get your backlinks from is the most important thing. It determines if the backlinks acquired will have an impact on your website.

So, evaluate every site you acquire backlinks from. And avoid sites that are not receiving search traffic. 

Google, on its own, sends traffic to websites. And any website Google sends traffic to is relevant. 

Therefore, if a site is not getting organic traffic from Google, consider it low-quality. It doesn’t matter if the site is closely related to your niche. 

Remember that any website you have yours linked to will pass link juice to your website. Potential customers can also visit your website and check out your services via the link on other sites (backlinks).

So, if the site you’re getting your backlink from doesn’t receive organic traffic, forget about them. You’re better off with backlinks from other sites.

You can use tools like SEMRush and Ahref to check if the site the link-building service you hired got backlinks from receives organic traffic. 

  • Avoid sites that are not niche-relevant:

The relevance of the site matters when it comes to link building. In other words, your backlinks should be from closely-related websites. 

Since your business is carpet cleaning, acquiring backlinks from a fitness blog would be a waste of time, effort, and resources. There’s no correlation between both niches, so it’s irrelevant, and so will the backlink. 

Andre Weyher, an ex-Google employee, had an interview where he mentioned the importance of site relevance in link building. 

The summary of what he said is that acquiring links from a high PageRank page was valuable. Now, site relevance is the new PageRank. In other words, the site’s relevance, in relation to yours, is more valuable in link building. 

Does it mean links acquired from pages that aren’t relevant don’t count? Here is what the ex-Google employee said. The answer is yes; your link will count for nothing if the site you get it from isn’t related to yours. 

For the record, Andre Weyher is an ex-Google employee. He worked with the search engine giant for 4.5 years in Google’s AdWords and Search Quality. 

There’s no better individual to give information on the importance of site relevance and its superiority over PageRank than Andre. PageRank used to be necessary. Now, site relevance is. 

  • Don’t create a spammy link profile:

There are several elements to consider when considering whether a site’s link profile is spammy. You can consider the number of links on the page. 

In other words, are there too many links on the page? Of course, you can tell if a page is spammy by looking at it. Another element to consider is the anchor text used. Are they similar? 

Of course, if your anchors are similar, they’ll appear spammy in Google’s eyes. Last but not least is the page’s quality. Is the page looking real, or is it built specifically to host the links? 

If the page looks natural, you can expect the link acquired to be valuable. If the reverse is the case, such backlinks are not worth it. 

Avoid creating a spammy link profile, as it won’t do your website any good. Whether a website and yours belong to the same niche doesn’t matter. If the site looks spammy, you should avoid it. 

5: Consider digital PR:

What does digital PR entail? Note that digital PR isn’t guest posting or you becoming a featured writer for a blog or article. It includes featuring your expertise on a subject matter on someone else’s blog or article.

Digital PR can benefit your SEO effort, as your links will be featured on high authority and niche-specific blogs. 

If you want to get valuable backlinks and mentions across various channels, consider digital PR. It can also help you spread awareness of your company, brand, services, and anything necessary to your business. 

Traditional PR, such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers, still exists. However, digital PR is getting the most attention these days. 

Digital PR can help you build brand authority for your business online, and this can serve your SEO effort.

Final Thought

We just finished discussing SEO for carpet cleaning. Now, the ball is in your court. You can take action by taking charge of your website’s optimization or allowing SEO experts to do it for you. 

Search engine optimization is vital for your carpet cleaning business. It will enable more people to learn about your business and patronize you. 

So, who can help with your carpet cleaning service optimization? BitChip Digital can help you. We have a team of SEO experts ready to help businesses grow online. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large carpet cleaning business or you’re just starting. There is always room for growth in any business. 

Your carpet cleaning business can get more customers and experience revenue growth with an effective SEO strategy.

Md Julhas Alam

Julhas Alam, an SEO expert started his amazing journey in 2014, offering SEO services to businesses across the globe, remotely. He was the go-to SEO professional for many businesses owing to his experience, dedication, trustworthiness, and readiness to bend over to get targeted results.

As the request from clients started increasing, Julhas Alam saw the need to create a team capable of adhering to the high standards built over the years. Thus, he was able to build a remote team in 2016.

Impressively, BitChip Digital Started its physical company in 2020, hiring and developing digital marketing experts, capable of delivering the best digital marketing services.

Today, the company has successfully put together a team of professionals capable of taking businesses to the next level.


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