How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Make..

How much do fashion bloggers make? Is it a viable career? We answer these and many more questions in this article.

The internet opens many avenues for people to earn money, and blogging is one of them. Blogging is increasingly becoming a popular means for people to earn additional income. To some, it is a full-time career.

Of the many blogs you would find online, fashion is among the most popular. There are several niche blogs targeted at different segments.

Popular fashion blogs generate thousands of clicks daily, but how does this translate into income? And more importantly,

How Much Do Fashion Bloggers Make?

The average income for fashion bloggers in the United States is $37,767 annually. In the upper 75th percentile of earners in the field, the income is as high as $62,000 per year. In comparison, the average wage income for the United States is $69,392 per year.

A fashion blogger’s income is dependent on other factors that we shall look at in this piece.

How Do Fashion Bloggers Make Money?

How do fashion bloggers get paid for their work? There are many ways in which bloggers get paid.

The revenue streams vary depending on the blog size and impressions they generate online. Bloggers get money from the following sources:

Sponsored Content

A brand may pay a blogger to promote its merchandise on the blog. It is a way for brands to get people to see their products through a cheap and effective advertisement medium. Brands usually pick bloggers who generate many impressions online.

The impressions come in the form of clicks and interactions. If your blog is popular, you will likely attract more sponsorship deals.

The downside to sponsored content is that these products have to be good. Many bloggers get paid to promote poor-quality merchandise on their platforms.

Advertisement Revenue

A popular blog generates many clicks and impressions for a website. Generating traffic on a website is great for a blogger if you wish to sell advertisement space on the website.

You can monetize your blog website by selling spaces to potential advertisers. Many programs help you sell the space, including Google AdSense.

For Google AdSense, you get paid $17 for every 1000 visits to your website. The caveat is that your content must not be plagiarized or constitute clickbait. It must also adhere to Google’s terms of service.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways bloggers get money. Once a blog gets big or popular enough, it can get money by generating product sales through its website.

A blogger agrees with a seller to get a percentage of the sales of a product. They then link the products through their blogs. They get paid for sales when people buy the products through the blog links.

It is a great way for bloggers to get passive income, provided people keep buying products through the links.

Creating and Selling Merchandise

Creating and pushing merchandise sales remains one of the popular ways for bloggers to get money.

Bloggers with loyal followers normally get extra revenue by marketing and selling their creations in their blogs.

Selling your merchandise is great because all the money you generate through sales goes directly into your pockets. It does require some capital when you are starting but can generate lots of cash.

It is easy to center a blog around products you create and market them through reviews and links.


Collaborations are agreements between a blogger and an entity to use their products on the blog in exchange for marketing. Bloggers would get free products, but they would have to promote them in many blogs.

For a successful collaboration, there has to be a direct increase in sales due to the agreement. The blogger has to have a huge following of active followers and interactions. These followers must be within a demographic that would buy the advertised products.

Collaborations are not popular with many advertisers.

Genuine Tips For Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is a mainstream blog content subject. There are thousands of blogs, and standing out can be hard. Many folks give up after a few attempts, but you can be very successful if you are committed enough.

Here are tips that can help you make it in the fashion blogging world:

Uniqueness and Differentiation

With so many fashion blogs on the internet, differentiating your content is the best way to set yourself apart.

Many fashion bloggers make the mistake of putting out the same content as everyone else. It helps you find and focus on your niche within the fashion world.

The approach matters too. Staying ahead of the curve makes your content exciting to read and follow.

Before starting your blog, ask yourself what you are offering and what value the blog brings. Stay creative by trying different blog styles and stick to one that works.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do you prevent your blog from getting lost among the thousands of fashion blogs? By optimizing your content. Any blogger, not just in fashion, must master Search Engine Optimization to succeed.

SEO helps generate your blog traffic and puts your blog higher up on the search algorithm. You should learn to use and integrate certain keywords and popular search phrases to entice people looking for pieces to read.

Your content should be engaging and insightful. It should give the reader something to look forward to. There are many SEO tools online that could help you optimize your content.


If you are ever going to be a successful fashion blogger, you need to be consistent. Consistency comes from the frequency of your blog posts and your content quality.

You are assured of views and clicks as long as the quality is great. Review your content before uploading. Ensure that it is exciting, captivating to the audience, informative, and easy to read and follow.

Capitalize on your growth stage. Blogs usually start slow but pick up in what is known as the growth stage. You must keep adding more content as the page viewership, and subscriber count grow.

Have a Portfolio Ready

Running a blog opens you up to many other gigs. It is common for magazines and popular blogs to scout potential fashion bloggers and writers through their recruitment programs.

It would be best if you had a stash of your best work and samples ready if you get word from a potential side gig. You could be a part-time or a full-time contributor to a magazine while still running your blog.

Taking on more opportunities helps you make more money. Keep a decent catalog of all your best work.

Commercial Etiquette

One of the biggest reasons bloggers fail is because they lack commercial etiquette. Some bloggers come across as entitled when requesting collaborations with brands and businesses.

As a blogger, you should remember that getting deals and sponsorships isn’t a right.

Do not take deals from brands that sell poor-quality products. Such deals lower your audience’s trust in your blog.

Other Opportunities In Fashion

Aside from blogging, there are other major opportunities and careers in fashion. Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry that keeps growing. Here are other viable careers:

Fashion Model

A career in modeling can be very lucrative. Some of the highest-paying opportunities lie in modeling for brands. The physical requirements for models are high, and the industry tends to have tight tolerances.

Fashion Director

A fashion director’s job is to stay ahead of the curve. They ensure that stores get the latest outfits and that the biggest brands have the best clothes. Other duties include supervising and scheduling magazine photoshoots.

Fashion Editor

They work for fashion magazines. Their main role is to head the creative process for creating magazine content. They guide the development of articles, shoots, and ideas for fashion magazines.

Creator/ Designer

A designer’s role is to develop original designs, styles, and concepts for clothing brands. They need to be creative and think outside the box. The role requires a lot of talent, as developing designs is fairly difficult.

Fashion Strategy

Fashion strategy works with research and development to know what the market wants. They gather consumer preferences and likes and relay the feedback to major brands.


How much do fashion bloggers make? On average, the annual income for fashion bloggers is $37,767. Top earners get more than that. A career in fashion is viable, but it is a niche field that requires people to differentiate and position themselves. Many fashion brands target unique bloggers.

A fashion blogger’s revenue streams are diverse. Aside from a base income, they earn money from other sources.

These sources include paid sponsorships, ad revenue, link sales commissions, etc. Like in other fields, fashion blogging requires hard work, talent, and uniqueness for success.

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