Top Reasons Why Local SEO Is Important For Your Business

Do you know why local SEO is important for your small or medium-scale business? It can make  your local business popular online and in your neighborhood, town, or city.

Research shows that 81% of local consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses before making purchases. By optimizing your business for your city and address, you can help local consumers learn more about your brand and visit you offline.     

Here, we’ll share key information about local SEO, including its importance for your local business. 

What Is Local SEO?


Local SEO involves optimizing a business for local search results. In other words, you’re making it possible for your business to appear in potential local consumers’ search results. 

Local SEO is essential for businesses that have physical locations or render services. For instance, if you’re rendering laundry services in Miami, will you anticipate customers from New York City? Of course, you’ll expect your customers to come from Miami and your neighborhood.

Local consumers can find your business and establish contact with the help of local SEO. So, fix your site’s local search engine optimization. However, outsourcing to a reputable local SEO agency would be a wise decision if you can’t do it alone or don’t have an in-house SEO team. 

If you decide outsourcing your local SEO campaign will be the best option, endeavor to find a competent agency to help you. Find an agency that offers a wide range of services so you can meet all your SEO needs without wasting time looking for alternatives. 

For instance, BitChip Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, offers various online marketing services. With experts in web design, graphic design, local SEO, link-building, and others, you’ll surely get the help you seek. 

A Handy Tip: On Google, local SEO entails improving your business listing in the Local Park/Map Pack and ensuring it shows up more often in relevant search queries.  

Google’s mission has been the same for years. The search engine giant prioritizes user experience and always wants to deliver the best answer to any query from searchers.   

Has your search intent ever been local when looking for something online? If yes, then you would have noticed that Google displays two results: The Map Pack and organic results of businesses in the area you’re targeting. 

So, you need to take advantage of local SEO to appear in local search results. Otherwise; you could lose a lot of customers and growth opportunities to your competitors.    

How Does Google Decide Local Search Rankings? 

How Does Google Decide Local Search Rankings.

We have defined the meaning of local search engine optimization and are about to share insight on how it can benefit your business. But first, let’s discuss how Google decides local search ranking.

The three key factors Google looks at to determine local search rankings including the following:

1: Proximity

2: Relevance

3: Prominence

Here is what each factor implies:

1: Using proximity to determine local search rankings: 

How close are you to the searcher? Google takes this into account when deciding the search rankings of local businesses. 

Google wants to give searchers unforgettable experiences anytime they use the search engine. Furthermore, Google wants to be fair to all websites. 

On this note, Google will display results based on businesses near the searcher. Unfortunately, you can’t control this factor, as it’s automated and not decided manually. 

A Handy Tip: When creating your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), endeavor to include information regarding your service area. 

Local SEO is about optimizing for a specific location. It could be a neighborhood, town, city, state or country. So, include your service area to let Google know where you want your visitors to come from. 

2: Using relevance to determine local search rankings:

Google considers relevance when ranking local businesses. It will determine your product or services and how well they match the user’s search term. 

For instance, if someone searches for cleaning services in Atlanta, Google will compile the list of businesses offering cleaning services in Atlanta, with priority given to the ones that offer similar services to the ones requested by the searchers. 

3:   Using prominence to determine search rankings:

Another thing Google uses to rank local listings is prominence. Google’s interest is to display the best search results to users. So, they’ll first consider businesses with better reviews and ratings. 

You can see the “review” sample in the screenshot below. That’s the Google Business Profile of BitChip Digital, an online marketing company offering local SEO and other digital marketing services.     

Customers can rate your products or services on your Google Business Profile. They can give you from 1 – 5 stars. 

Aim for higher ratings. And how can you achieve that? Ensure you’re providing top-quality products or services. 

Getting positive comments and ratings (Google reviews) from happy and satisfied customers is easy. You don’t even need to ask them to write one. Ensure your products and services are top-quality; they’ll reciprocate by giving you attention-grabbing reviews. 

Reviews are important to build social proof, a psychological phenomenon that suggests people take action when they see others doing something similar. In other words, if a potential customer visits your Google Business Profile and finds many positive reviews and ratings, you might not have to do any convincing to get them to take action. 

Why Local SEO Is Important For Your Business


Many people in your neighborhood, town, city, or state search for the products you’re selling or services you render now and then. Unfortunately, your competitors are appearing in the local search results of potential customers with the help of local SEO. 

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. Most people even search for products they want to purchase online before contacting or visiting the company selling the product. 

Online search is convenient. You can search for anything in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend on gas to run your car or waste precious time going from store to store to ask for a product or service you seek. 

Local SEO can transform your business in ways you never imagined. But then, how important is it for your business? Here are the benefits of initiating a solid local SEO campaign:

1: Boost your brand visibility:

Boost your brand visibility

By implementing effective local SEO, potential customers can easily find you online. In other words, your brand will be visible to prospects interested in your product or service. 

With local SEO, you’ll be visible to prospects in your service area. For instance, if you’re operating in Miami, prospects from Miami will stumble on your product when they search on Google. 

Local SEO will make your business visible to your target audience and make you popular in your service area. 

A Handy Tip: A local brand visible on search engines will become popular in the service area. And when people know about your brand, you could enjoy free publicity from them if your product is good quality. 

Being visible online is a great way to compete with local businesses larger than yours. A local consumer who finds you online will mostly take you seriously, especially when the large companies aren’t popular online. 

2: Improve your online and foot traffic:


Research shows that 46% of all users on Google seek local information. The same research also reports that 97% of search engine users search online for local businesses.     

Research has made it abundantly clear that people are searching for local businesses now and then. They are looking for various products or services from businesses they can easily visit. 

Most people enjoy seeing what they’re buying before splashing the cash. They want to see that the product is in good shape before paying. So, if you have a business, make it easier for prospects to find you. Get your local SEO right, and your organic local traffic will improve. 

When prospects visit your website and like what they see, they may visit you in person. So, using local SEO, you can improve your online and in-store foot traffic. 

The bottom line is people are searching for your products or services online. So, make it easier for them to locate and contact you. 

A Handy Tip: Ensure your address, phone number, and other relevant details on your Google Business Profile and website are accurate. Additionally, when you move the business to a new address, endeavor to update your information where your details are published online (not only your Google Business Profile).

Customers can contact you easily when your contact details are accurate. 

3: Improve your conversion rates: 

Improve your conversion rates

According to Google, 76% of people who conduct local searches via mobile device visit the physical location within 24 hours, while 28% of the searches result in purchases. With local SEO, you’re positioning your business for more visits and patronage. 

Most local consumers would prefer to visit a local business in person rather than buy from a company they can’t visit. They can only inspect the product if they would like it. 

So, a prospect that has a chance to purchase a product online or buy from a physical store would rather choose the latter. Most consumers may only consider purchasing a product online when the price is lower than in a physical store. 

Most people also feel more confident buying a product directly from a physical store, as they can inspect it before taking it home. They are sure of the product’s quality before purchasing it, so they won’t have to go through the rigors of returning it. 

The bottom line is, with local SEO, your conversion rates will improve. Local search engine optimization will drive traffic to your website or business profile, giving prospects a chance to know your brand and have access to your contact details.  

4: Cost-effective online marketing strategy: 

Cost-effective online marketing strategy

Search engine optimization is generally cost-effective. Its customer acquisition cost (CAC) is lower than most digital marketing strategies. 

On the other hand, local SEO optimization is super cost-effective. You’re optimizing for local customers (people around your service area), and the conversion rate is impressively high. 

With local SEO’s high conversion rate, you’ll likely get a higher return on your investment. Your business will enjoy more online and foot traffic, including sales when you get your local search engine optimization strategy right. 

5: Encourages continuous business growth:


Local SEO will place your business before potential customers so they can easily find you and take action. But that isn’t the only reason it is so important to businesses. 

When local consumers find your business online, visit, and make a purchase, they are likely to repeat patronage whenever the need arises again. 

Additionally, if the product exceeds the expectations of your local customers, they may not only repeat patronage but inform others about your brand. 

A word-of-mouth review from a satisfied local customer carries far more weight than an online review, though both can convince prospects to take action. 

When you have a pool of steady customers purchasing your products, you will record more sales and enjoy higher patronage as more people learn about your business online. This encourages continuous business growth, which is the goal of every business owner.  

6: Rank your business for an extended period: 


When you invest in local SEO, you are investing in the future of your business. SEO can take time to yield results. But if you do your local SEO properly, your business will likely have a bright future. 

Local search engine optimization can place your business at the top of the search engine result page for an extended period, boosting your sales and creating impressive brand awareness. 

Unlike paid adverts, where a website disappears from search ranking the moment the ad funds finish, with local SEO, you’ll continue to maintain your position or climb higher in SERPs. 

7: Enhances your credibility:

Enhances your credibility

Establishing a strong online local presence can help your business establish credibility. When potential customers encounter your business online and see positive reviews, including consistent information about your company, they’ll consider your brand trustworthy. 

Trust is an important factor in business. People are likelier to do business with a brand they perceive as trustworthy and reliable than one they’re skeptical about. 

Consumers appreciate transparent businesses. They feel comfortable ordering products or services from such a company, as they are confident of getting the best quality.  

Local SEO helps your business to focus on local consumers. It makes it easier for local consumers to find and connect with your business. 

8: Competitive edge:


Businesses seeking a bright future must start investing in local search optimization. Why? The population of people using the internet will only increase year by year. 

Years ago, only a handful of the world’s population had mobile phones. Today, there are more mobile phones than people in the world. 

When you learn or start using new technology, you’ll be ahead of those who will learn after you. Local search optimization didn’t start today, but unfortunately, many businesses haven’t been focusing on it. 

By investing in local SEO, you’ll be ahead of your competitors who haven’t started doing so or  have started but don’t take it seriously. You’ll rank high and appear in search results of potential customers. 

9: Acquire more local reviews:   


Reviews are powerful and can influence consumers’ decisions. According to research, 87% of customers read online reviews about a local brand before purchasing.    

How do you get reviews? Add your business to online directories. An example is the Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business. Get an SEO expert to optimize your Google Business Profile to improve your local search ranking and traffic. BitChip Digital offers expert SEO services to help local businesses build a strong online presence. 

Using accurate information in your Google Business Profile is very important. In other words, ensure your address, business name, phone number, and other details about your company are consistent across the board. 

Furthermore, ask your local consumers for unbiased reviews. They can give reviews on your Google Business Profile or other online directories you listed your business. 

A Handy Tip: The quality of your products and services matters greatly. So, ensure you’re delivering the best and exceeding the expectations of your local customers. 

A happy and satisfied customer will give you positive reviews, while an unhappy and unsatisfied one won’t. But then, when you get negative reviews from a handful of customers, your response will be crucial.

Any prospect that sees the negative review would like to see how you responded. If you didn’t respond properly, it would help validate the negative review.  

10: Get your business enlisted in Google’s 3-pack: 


One major benefit local SEO offers is getting your business enlisted in Google’s 3-Pack. Now, how important is this to a local business? 

Enlisting in Google’s 3-pack means your business will appear in the first three results when users search Google with the keyword you targeted. 

The 3-pack comprises the top three local business listings in search engine result pages. It includes the three GB profile listings and a map of the results. 

The 3-pack is essential for your local business, as it displays crucial information about your business. These include business hours, business descriptions, and more. 

A Handy Tip: Here are some of the things you can do to get into Google’s 3-pack:

  • Respond to reviews
  • Answer questions
  • Update holiday hours
  • Add photos of events in your company
  • Make offers and posts consistently
  • Keep a close watch on your competitors

Key Statistics That Show Why Local SEO Is Important 

We have mentioned why local search optimization is crucial for your business. These aren’t mere assumptions but are backed up by research. Check out some research highlighting local SEO’s importance for a business. 

  • According to Google, 30% of all the searches it processes are related to location. 
  • Google has stated that 76% of individuals who conduct local searches on their mobile devices visit the local business within 24 hours, while 28% of those searches result in a purchase.  
  • Research has revealed that 86% of people use Google Maps to find the location of a business. 
  • Over half of internet users worldwide utilize mobile devices for their local searches. 

These researches confirm how important local SEO is to businesses. So, if you haven’t started fixing your business’s local SEO, you’re missing out. 


We have discussed why local SEO is important. Local SEO is essential for the growth of your local business. It would make it easier for local consumers looking for a product or service you’re offering to find, contact, and visit you instead of your competitors. 

It places your business where local consumers can find you. It improves your online visibility, credibility, and trust score and creates massive brand awareness. 

Local SEO also gives you a competitive edge. Another thing that makes it beneficial is that it gives small and established brands a level playing field. So, you can have a competitive edge over established brands via local SEO. 

Md Julhas Alam

Julhas Alam, an SEO expert started his amazing journey in 2014, offering SEO services to businesses across the globe, remotely. He was the go-to SEO professional for many businesses owing to his experience, dedication, trustworthiness, and readiness to bend over to get targeted results.

As the request from clients started increasing, Julhas Alam saw the need to create a team capable of adhering to the high standards built over the years. Thus, he was able to build a remote team in 2016.

Impressively, BitChip Digital Started its physical company in 2020, hiring and developing digital marketing experts, capable of delivering the best digital marketing services.

Today, the company has successfully put together a team of professionals capable of taking businesses to the next level.

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