The Furry Search Engine

We’re going to delve into the world of the Fury search engine. Here, you’ll understand why this search engine gets millions of visitors monthly.

Furry means covered with fur, and this search engine represents that. It takes you into the world of anthropomorphism and furries!

Anthropomorphism is attributing human-like characteristics to an object, god, or animal. So, if you are interested in animals, objects or gods possessing human-like traits, you’ll love spending time in the SoFurry search engine. 

Here, we’ll discuss how to use this search engine, the features that set it apart, and other things you need to know. Keep reading to know more!

What Is The Furry Search Engine?

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The furry search engine is a reader app used as an archive for stories, fan fiction, and novels. ZN Marketing LTD owns the SF search engine. 

So, how did this search engine start, and in what year did it start?

Furry started with the name “Yiffstar” in 2002 and aimed to grow into a massive community comprising furry lovers worldwide. The name was changed to SoFurry and later, Furry.

However, in this post, we’ll use the abbreviation SF to mean (SoFurry/Furry search engine). So, remember that we’re referring to the “Furry” search engine when you see SF. 

Like other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Dogpile, Yandex, and the rest, the SF search engine’s content wasn’t regulated when the platform started. In addition to general content, the platform had erotic artwork all over. 

Did you know the SF search engine has been launched twice? The second relaunch brought sanity to the platform. Its administrators and creators stopped promoting erotic content. Content creators on the platform became more responsible and committed to producing stories devoid of adult content. 

Why Was Furry Search Engine Created?

Yiffstar was created to serve a purpose. And that purpose was to promote reading and pull anthropomorphic fans worldwide together. 

Yiffstar has been a significant hub for furry lovers and fans worldwide. Today, its fan base has climbed to millions of people worldwide. 

This platform is beaming with unique content. It is the hub for furry stories, music, and artwork. 

You’ll find various anthropomorphic arts, furry stories, and text stories. In addition to furry stories, the platform boasts an extensive collection of fiction and a massive chat room.

The chat room is one of the exciting features of this search engine. It is also the most active. It is truly a community of furry lovers in every sense of the word.

Nothing compares to having people from different backgrounds, countries, ethnicities, religious affiliations, races, and financial statuses interact with an open mind with each other. That’s the reason Yiffstar was created and has achieved it. 

The Reasons You Should Use Furry Search Engine

We’re not trying to promote this search engine by urging you to use it. The platform deserves whatever accolades it’s getting. It is one of the best reader apps for furry stories and a unique one, for that matter. 

So, without further ado, here are some reasons this SF search engine is unique and deserves your attention.  

 1: Huge collection of furry materials:

If you’re seeking furry art, stories, and comics, Furry is an excellent destination. It is unarguably the best search engine for these sorts of stories. 

2: Content is regularly updated:   

Another thing that sets this search engine apart and makes it a must-visit is how it regularly updates its content to keep the community active. It is great to see an entirely text-based search engine operate this way. 

3: High-quality content:

If the way the SF search engine updates its content regularly doesn’t appeal to you, then the quality of content on the platform should. And it is one of the features that set it apart. 

This search engine boasts high-quality and original content you can’t find anywhere else. 

4: No chance of duplicity:

Another thing that sets this search engine apart is the wide range of options it gives users. You’ll have plenty of materials to read and choose from as a reader. There is no duplicity. 

The platform boasts e-books, furry stories, fiction-based stories, artwork, and more. You’ll hardly get tired of navigating through the pages of this search engine. 

5: Original comic stories and quality graphics:

If you’re seeking a platform that offers original stories and graphic content, the SF search engine is the right place to be. You’ll find plenty of original comic stories to consume on the platform. 

Besides the fantastic stories, the comic includes unique graphic content that turns heads. SF search engine is unarguably the home of unique comic content from creators worldwide. 

So, if you’re a comic creator, this is the best place to be. You can add your stories or comic materials to the platform and make a name for yourself. 

6: Free for readers and creators:

If you’re a comic writer or artist or have unique stories you want the world to read, the SF search engine is the best place to be. You can publish your stories on the platform free of charge. 

Another unique thing is that readers don’t get to pay a dime to read stories on this search engine. All the platform requires of readers is to register and start consuming content. 

So, if you’re seeking a free platform to read original and interesting books, the SF search engine is a wise choice. 

7: Users can send email:

Registered users have the option to send emails via this platform. Another exciting thing about the SF search engine is that users can simultaneously send emails to more than one person. 

8: Available in every country: 

The Furry community is available to users in all countries. It is open to everyone, and anyone can contribute.

Another impressive thing about the Furry community is the desire for growth. People worldwide come together to discuss ways to improve the search engine.

The Fury Search Engine Features 

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The features you’ll find on SoFurry will make you fall in love with the search engine if you haven’t done so. The features distinguish the search engine from the likes of Google. 

Let’s take a look at each of the features. 

1: Browse:

Furry Search Engine-3

Credit: Furry search engine

If you haven’t used the SF search engine “browse” option, try it. You’ll find diverse categories in the “Browse” option. Click any option, and you’ll get plenty of content to consume. 

You can search for journals, artwork, photos, stories, and music on the SF search engine. Just register and start browsing. 

Having an account on this platform makes it easier to search and participate in the activities taking place on the platform. You become a member and have the opportunity to contribute to the community’s growth.

2: Market:

Furry Search Engine-3

Are you creative? Do you want to earn money from your creative skills and talent? SoFurry is the ideal platform for you.

The “Market” category allows users to make money from their work. You can sell your artwork, journals, or even musical pieces. 

All it takes is to register, upload your work, and name your price, and that’s it. And when someone purchases your work, the money goes to you.

You don’t have to pay a dime to list your work on the SF search engine. The marketplace is free for every user, meaning you must be registered on the platform to sell. By the way, the registration takes little time.   

A Handy Tip: In the SF search engine “Market” category, there is an option for users to post offers or requests.

SoFurry search engine clarified that users aren’t required to pay fees or percentages. Just buy and offer your commission. 

3: Groups:

Furry Search Engine-4

SoFurry is like Reddit, though it’s less complicated. You’ll find different categories that cater to the needs of varied interests. You can call each category a group or subcategory.  

So, if you love stories and artwork, join a category that focuses on related topics. Join a group of interest to improve your knowledge and contribute positively to the community.

A Handy Tip: You can tell the number of people in each group and know what the group is about. 

There’s also the option to create a fresh group and be the moderator.

4: Chat:

If you want to interact with people worldwide and have varied ideas, the SF search engine is a great platform you should consider joining. First, you need to register and wait for approval. 

The approval period is called the “Cooldown Period.” It’s the period you have to wait to join a chat room. 

Furry Search Engine-5

So, be patient. Let the SF engine do its thing. The waiting period is usually 24 hours; after that, you can access every part of the SF website. 

The “Chat” category lets you connect with people who share the same interests as you. You can join any group of your choice, too. 

5: Forum:

Furry Search Engine-6

The “Forum” category is another section of the website you should consider visiting. It boasts diverse threads and posts from active users like you. 

Here, you’ll find numerous forums. This is where you can get regular updates and know what’s happening on the website. 

The “New Furs and Welcome Forum” is a vital section to visit as a newbie. Introduce yourself and let the “old Furs” welcome you officially. 

A Handy Tip: You can only join the forum if you register officially. Once registered, you’ll be free to visit any section and join meaningful conversations on your area of interest.

How To Register And Use Furry Search Engine

Creating an account on the SF search engine has to be the most straightforward process of any website. It is simple and quick. Additionally, you can access certain aspects of the website when you register on the platform. 

So, here’s how to create an account and use this platform:

1: Visit the official website:

Visit the SF search engine’s official website to create an account. The website is

2: Provide your details:

Furry Search Engine-7

The next step is to provide your details. 

Here is the information you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

After providing all the required information, go through the captcha system and click “Register.”

The CAPTCHA is necessary as it helps verify that you’re an actual human. 

Step 3: Setup your profile:

The SF search engine will create your account once you provide the requested details and click “Register.”

Once your account is created, you must head to your profile and update your information. Add your avatar, gender, species, profile text, mateship status, and adult text (if you feel like providing it).

The Disadvantages of Furry Search Engine

Having discussed the reasons to use the SoFurry search engine, which is also the platform’s advantage, let’s focus on the disadvantages. 

1: Someone else can steal your work on the platform

2: In-domain privacy protection lacking

3: Not as popular as other search engines

A Handy Tip: You can advertise for a token on the SF search engine. Ads cost $19 per month for each banner, while additional banners cost $9.

You can also support the platform as a member. There’s an option to donate to ensure the website keeps running. Visit the website for more information on how to donate. 


The Furry search engine is a unique reader app that serves as an archive for furry stories, novels, artwork, and more. It is a search engine completely different from Google. 

You can read unique books for free on the platform. Some graphic materials and texts will blow your mind. 

On the SF search engine, there are diverse categories. There are categories for market, forum, chat, and groups. You can sell your artwork and earn money in the marketplace. But you must be ready to protect your work as it can be stolen. 

This search engine is a community designed to attract furry fans worldwide. You can join from any country and interact with people from all over the world. 

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