We explained how to cancel Google Ads campaign here. By the way, canceling Google Ads campaigns is a straightforward process.

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is an online advertising platform that Google owns. Businesses use ad campaigns to advertise their products and services to potential customers.

You can get a good ROI when you run your Ads campaign properly. But then, most businesses may want to delete or cancel their ads permanently. In most cases, the reason could be to adjust the ad, or they want to start investing in SEO and other internet marketing options.

Whatever the reason you’re canceling your ads campaign, this post is for you! But how can you stop your ads campaign? Continue reading for more information.

What Does Google Ads Campaign Means?

Google Ads campaign is a pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising platform that allows you to list your adverts on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Businesses that aren’t patient enough to wait for SEO results invest in Google Ads campaigns. Most businesses combine Google Ads and SEO, though.

With Google Ads, your business may appear in SERPs. However, note that some campaigns might not show up in the SERPs. That’s why we emphasized the need to run your ads campaign properly. But if you don’t have the expertise, outsource your ad campaign project to a professional.

You can create one ad campaign to organize or run multiple adverts. On the other hand, you can create multiple campaigns from one Google ads account. The choice is yours to make.

This video shows you how to set up a Google Ads Campaign.

How To Cancel Google Ads Campaign

If you have finally decided that you want to cancel your ads campaign for reasons best known to you, here are the steps to follow:

1: Sign in to your Google Ads account

2: On the left-hand side menu, click the icon “Campaigns.”

3: Locate the specific campaign you want to cancel. This is important when running multiple campaigns, and you only want to cancel a few or perhaps only one.

4: Click on the checkbox you find next to the campaign you want to cancel

5: At this stage, you’ll find a dropdown menu. Click “Edit” on the menu.

6: You have two ways to cancel your campaign. You can either pause or permanently remove it. So, if you click “pause,” your ad campaign will stop running. In this case, your funds will remain intact unless you start other campaigns.

The second option is to choose “Remove.” You can click on this icon to stop the campaign permanently.

A Handy Tip: If you’re running multiple ads and wish to cancel them, you can bulk-edit and follow the instructions to cancel your campaigns.

4 Reasons You Should Cancel Google Ads Campaign Properly

We wrote this post to show you how to cancel your ads campaign if you are no longer interested in running them. The process, as you can see, is straightforward and fast. However, canceling an ad campaign incorrectly can be a considerable risk.

So, here are reasons you should ensure your ads campaigns are correctly canceled.

1: Google will keep taking your money: If you want to stop running your Ads campaign, ensure you cancel it properly. Otherwise, Google will keep collecting your money. Unfortunately, you can’t blame the platform. They allow customers to opt out of their ads campaigns anytime.

2: Challenges reactivating your campaign: If you have plans to reactivate your ads campaign, pausing will be the best option. An inability to pause the ads campaigns correctly will make it challenging to reactivate the account. You may have to create a fresh campaign.

3: Campaign history and analytic loss: You should endeavor to download your ad campaign data before canceling your campaigns. If you don’t and you go ahead to cancel the campaign, you’ll lose valuable data you have gathered from Ads campaigns over the years.

4: Your account’s quality score: You can improve your account’s “quality score” by canceling your Ads campaign correctly. So, follow the steps we discussed to cancel the Google Ads campaign. It is simple, so you can avoid making mistakes when canceling your campaigns.

Why You Can’t See Your Google Ads Campaign And How To Fix The Problem

You have successfully published your Ads campaign and are expecting impressions or clicks. To the best of your knowledge, you did everything right. Unfortunately, you aren’t getting impressions or clicks.

Does this sound like something you’re experiencing or have experienced when running your Google Ads campaign? If so, we will discuss possible reasons for this situation in this post.

Why is your Google Ads campaign not showing? Here are some of the possible reasons you’re experiencing such.

1: Your bid needs restructuring:

If your Ads campaign isn’t popping up on the first page, your bids could be the culprit. There’s a chance that your competitors’ bids are higher than yours. But there’s a solution.

To address this problem, you have to restructure your bid. To do so, sign in to your Google Ads account and then the keyword section. In the keyword section, use the bid simulator to check the impact improving your bid would have.

Once you have the suggested bid from the bid simulator, go to your bid and restructure it to what the simulator suggests. Check if your impressions or clicks have improved.

A Handy Tip: Be ready to try different amounts in your bid until you get the result.

2: Google approval issue:

You cannot just create ads and expect them to appear immediately in search engine result pages for the targeted keyword. Your ads must undergo a process before appearing on the search engine.

Google has to look at your Ad and decide whether to approve or disapprove it. And it usually takes at least a day (one business day) and a day for the Ads to appear.

If your ad doesn’t appear, one of two things could have happened. The first reason could be that your ad is still under review. In other words, Google hasn’t approved it, so it can’t appear.

Another reason, or the number two reason your ad isn’t showing, is because Google disapproved of it. It won’t appear if that was the case.

If it has been more than a day since your ad has been under review and hasn’t appeared, it is likely that Google has disapproved of it.

How do you fix both issues (Ad under review and Ad disapproved)?

Here is the solution:

If your Ad is under review, you can’t do anything to speed up the process. You have to wait for Google to review the Ad and decide whether it wants to approve it. So, be patient; your ad approval won’t take long.

On the other hand, if Google disapproved your ad, it will state why it made such a decision. You can fix the “ad not approved” issue. Find out why Google disapproved of your ad and make the necessary adjustments before submitting it for review.

3: Incorrect location targeting:

Another issue that could prevent your ad from showing is incorrect location targeting. As you know, you can set location targeting at the campaign level. Google allows you to decide where you want your ad to show and where you don’t want it to show.

Unfortunately, people still encounter challenges when setting their location targeting. Here are the possible reasons your Ad doesn’t appear in the search engine.

Your bid adjustment for that location: How much is your bid adjustment for your targeted locations? Are they high enough? Now, understand this point: Setting your bid adjustment low (For instance -100) for specific locations can be problematic. Your Ad won’t appear in such locations. Secondly, is the bid for the keyword high enough to allow your Ad to rank high in SERPs? If the answer is no, then you have found the culprit.

Location setting incorrect: If your Ad isn’t showing, check your location setting. You may have mistakenly set the locations to “Excluded.” Your Ad won’t appear if this happens.

Narrow location targeting: When creating ads on Google, you’ll enjoy excellent freedom to target any location you desire. You can target a zip code, a country, or anywhere else. However, there could be a problem if your location targeting turns out to be too narrow. If it’s too narrow, you might not generate any search. 

The issues above can prevent your Ad from showing. But the good part is you can address them. As you can see, the major causes are the settings and bids placed.

4: Your Ad has Low CTR:

Google is smart. The search engine giant wants your ads money, but at the same time, it won’t sacrifice a positive user experience. It doesn’t matter your brand size or how much you spend on Ads.

Google will always prioritize positive user experience over its profits from ads. That is why you must provide quality content and attention-grabbing headlines for your Ads.

Note that your CTR will plummet if people don’t click your Ads. When Google notices this, your Ad will cease to appear in the search engine.

To Google, a low CTR means people don’t consider the content valuable. Google doesn’t hesitate to dismiss Ads with low CTR.

How do you fix the low CTR problem responsible for your ad’s disappearance from search results? The solution is to improve the quality of the content. Or, next time, use high-quality content.

Your heading is also significant, so endeavor to use a catchy heading to encourage more people to click your Ads.

5: Poor quality score:

The quality score shows how your Ad may likely perform during the auction. It doesn’t determine rank during the auction.

Now, check your keyword; can you see the message “Rarely shown due to low-quality score” next to it? If yes, then your ads aren’t displaying.

When you discover this message, don’t panic. Instead, try to find out the primary cause of the issue. In other words, why is your Ad not displaying?

First and foremost, note that a low “Quality Score” isn’t good. It can mean several things. For example, it could mean your ad has a low expected CTR.

Another reason for the low “Quality Score” is poor ad quality or relevance. The next is a terrible post-click landing page’s relevance or quality.

A Handy Tip: You can get more people to see your Ads. How? Consider how your target keyword, landing page, and ads relate. Furthermore, consider the optimization strategy you can implement to increase user experience and relevance to improve your Ads’ visibility.


We have explained how to cancel Google Ads campaign in detail. Now, you can go ahead and cancel your Ads campaign. Google made it easier for users to cancel their Ads campaign whenever they no longer want to continue.

Your reasons do not matter to the Google search engine. It wants users and customers (people running Ad campaigns) to be happy. That’s why it offers a broad location targeting option and other settings.

There are reasons your ads aren’t showing, too. In this post, we explain the possible problems and solutions. So, several factors could be responsible if your ad isn’t displaying. You can revisit this post for more information on the topic.

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