Strong Password Generator: A Software For Creating Uncrackable Passwords

Elevate your digital security with our Strong Password Generator. Easily create impenetrable passwords to safeguard your online identity. Bolster your cyber defenses and maintain an edge against emerging threats.

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Strong Password Generator: A Tool for Generating Impenetrable Passwords

Did you know hackers exposed 24 billion passwords in 2022? Shockingly, 80% of the breached or hacked accounts were because of “weak passwords,” reused or stolen passwords.  

Now, you know why we built this “Strong Password Generator.” The idea is to help you generate unguessable and uncrackable passwords for your Instagram, Facebook, mobile bank apps, Twitter, websites, and other platforms you access with a password. 

Let’s discuss how this tool works, benefits, and more. Keep scrolling down!

What Is Strong Password Generator?

Strong password generator is software designed to help you create a more complex and secure password based on the selected guidelines.

Here are the guidelines on this password generator:

1: Alpha Upper (A-Z): One of the guidelines is the character sizes. Ticking the alpha upper box, the first on the guideline options, means uppercase letters will be among the passwords you’ll generate. 

2: Alpha Lower (a-z): Ticking the alpha lower box means you want lowercase letters to be part of your password. It is a great idea, as it makes your password difficult to guess or crack. 

3: Number (0-9): Including numbers in your password will make it hard to guess or crack. So, please tick the box on your right-hand side so the software can strategically incorporate numbers in your password. 

4: Symbol (%#@): Incorporating a symbol or two in your password is another way to make it more complex and challenging for hackers to crack. Once you select the “symbol” option, this software will add a unique symbol to your password. 

5: Length: How long do you want the password you’re creating to be? Set the password length in the software. 

Longer passwords are more challenging to crack. Why? That’s because there are more options with every character added to the password. 

For instance, a 12-character password will take 62 trillion times longer for cyber attackers to crack than a 6-character password. 

So, consider using longer passwords if you want your online accounts to be impenetrable. This software lets you choose the length you want. You can even create a 15-character password within a split second. 

How To Use Strong Password Generator 

Strong Password Generator is a simple-to-use password creator. Once you decide on the guidelines, the software creates your password quickly.

Here is how to use Password creator. 

 Step #1: Visit our pass generator tools webpage:

The first step is to visit the website to gain access to the software. 

Password Generator-4


The exciting thing about this software is that you don’t need to sign up or register an account. Just visit and create a complex password that secures your online banking application, mobile bank apps, social media accounts, and other websites you access with passwords. 

Step #2: Set the guidelines for the password:

Password Generator-2

The next important step is setting the guidelines for this free password generator. You have the option to choose uppercase letters (A-Z), lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), symbols (#$&^@) and length (6, 10, 15, etc). 

A Handy Tip: Choose a longer password for better security of your accounts. Consider choosing all four settings/guidelines to create a complex and unique password. 

Step # 3: Generate a strong password:

Password Generator-3

After choosing the guidelines, click “Generate” to create your unique password. Your password will be made in a split second. 

What Is A Strong Password?

When creating a new password, most platforms let you know the strength of your password. You’ll find something like “Weak, Medium, and Strong,” indicating how difficult guessing or cracking your newly created password will be to hackers. 

It’s essential to consider the strength of your password when creating one. Create a strong password that hackers can’t guess or crack in a billion years, no matter how clever they may be. 

A strong password is a password hackers cannot crack or guess in a single try. They may have to make 64 or more trillion attempts, and still fail. 

What determines a password’s strength are the characters it contains. The more different characters you include in your password, the stronger and more secure it will be. 

So, include more characters in your password and increase the length or number of characters. 

A Handy Tip: A strong password includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers and is lengthy. 

Reason To Use Strong Password Generator

Using this software to generate random passwords offers diverse benefits. Check them out below. 

1: Generates unguessable passwords within a second:

One feature that sets this password generator apart is its ability to generate secured and unguessable passwords within a second. Just select the guidelines, including how long you want your characters to be, and click generate to create a strong password. 

Another exciting thing about this software is that it can generate multiple passwords for free. Create complex and secured passwords for your financial accounts (banks, apps), social media, websites, etc. Make your accounts impenetrable to hackers. 

More than 6 out of 10 individuals admit to reusing their old passwords, which is a risky thing to do. It is one of the reasons most accounts get hacked easily. 

Creating a solid and complex password can sometimes be tiring. However, with this robust password-creating software, you can create unique passwords in a second and secure your online accounts. 

2: Free password creator:

You can use Strong Password Generator free. The brain behind the development of this software is to give people a chance to create strong passwords that will be hard for hackers to guess. This password generator is free to access and use. Additionally, it’s accessible to everyone around the world. 

3: User-friendly interface:

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a password with this software. Set the details and click “Generate” to create your unique password. The website is simple to navigate and use. 

4: Generates multiple passwords fast:

Most people use weak passwords because they are too busy to brainstorm and create a strong one. Over time, they forget to modify the weak password and keep using it that way. 

Time is a luxury we can’t afford. That’s why this strong password-generating software is available. Within a second, you can generate passwords for your online accounts and secure them.  

So, you don’t have an excuse for using a weak password when you can generate a strong one with this software. 

5: Every password generated by this software is unique:

No two passwords are the same. Every password this software generates is unique. 

6: You can set the guidelines you want:

This password-generating tool lets you set the guidelines you want in your password. For instance, you can decide if you want to have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols.

Another thing that sets this password generator apart is the option to decide the length of the password. You can choose how many characters you want your password to have, and this tool will create it for you.  

Strong Password Generator FAQ

1: What is the Strong Password Generator for Instagram?

Strong Password Generator is software that helps you generate strong passwords that hackers can’t crack or guess. This software creates unique passwords that keep your account safe and private. 

It creates strong passwords for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other online account. 

2: What does this Password Generator do?

As the name implies, this password generator helps you create a unique password that keeps you safe online. The passwords created by this tool are complex for better security but easy to remember.

3: Is the Strong Password Generator free?

This easy-to-remember password generator is free. You don’t have to pay a dime to create your password. 

4: Is this a secure password generator?

Yes, it is. You’re looking at a random password generator that creates complex passwords within seconds. 

Understand that we don’t store passwords on this platform. Instead, the software generates the password and displays it only to you. 

5: Why should I use this password generator?

 A report shows that 38% of Americans have had at least one of their passwords guessed or cracked. But the truth is that weak passwords are a breeze to hack. 

Hackers know the most people can do to strengthen their passwords is combine their birthdays, real names, and few guessable symbols. Most people don’t even bother to include symbols in their passwords. 

This Password Generator helps you create unguessable passwords to keep your financial, social media, website, and other online accounts that use passwords safe. It is a free and secure random password generator that helps you create complex passwords in a split second. 

So, if you don’t want to be among the 38% of Americans or have your password among the billions of passwords hackers will expose, generate a strong password using this tool. 

6: How do I create a strong password that hackers cannot guess?

Using this random password-generating software, you can create unique passwords that no hacker can guess. But understand that most people make it easier for hackers to hack their accounts.

Hackers have diverse means of hacking accounts. If they can’t guess your password, they may try to plant malware on your device. They can use this means to steal your login details.

So, protect your password. Don’t save your passwords where hackers can have access to them. Additionally, avoid sharing your password with others. You can use software that supports remote desktop access solutions like Team Viewer if you must give anyone access to your accounts. 

7: How many times can I generate random passwords with this software?

You can generate multiple passwords with this software. There’s no specific limit. 

Access to the software is free. You aren’t paying a dime. Just set the guidelines and hit the “Generate” button to create secure passwords for all your online accounts and apps. 

8: Is the password generated stored on your server?

We don’t store passwords that users generate on this software. There is no option for that. No one else can have access to or know the passwords you generate using this platform. So, there’s no way we can know the passwords you create. 

This is a free tool developed to help people to generate passwords that hackers cannot crack. It is safe, secure, and fast. 

9: What makes this Password Generator unique?

Many people have been rendered poor, homeless, disgraced, embarrassed and depressed because of the activities of hackers. Some even lost their lives when their accounts are hacked and vital information exposed. 

The painful part is that these hackers don’t care about their victims. All they care about is the proceeds from their crimes. 

Weak passwords have been identified as one of the major causes of people’s accounts being hacked by criminals. Hackers work day and night to find new victims. They are always making attempts to access people’s online accounts via password. 

A weak password will make it easier for hackers to access your account. But you can prevent this by generating a strong password to secure your account.

We created this free password generator to help people generate secure passwords. It is free, simple, and can help you develop a unique password faster. 

10: How do I create the most solid password with this software? 

Select all the settings/guidelines (uppercase, lowercase, number, and symbol) to create the strongest password. Another thing you need to set is the length of the characters. 

The higher the number of characters, the more difficult guessing your password will be. So, consider using a minimum of 15 characters. 

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